The hottest PE morning trends in Shanghai market 5

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PE morning news in Shanghai market

the morning atmosphere in the PE market in Shanghai has improved slightly. The 200gg quotation is 10900 yuan/ton, the 0 product adopts the German core industrial control 274 quotation of 10950 yuan/ton, the 218w quotation of 10700 yuan/ton, the Korean 3305 quotation of 10600 yuan/ton, the 3224 quotation of 10650 yuan/ton, the Korean 5000S quotation of 10700 yuan/ton, the 9001 quotation of 10900 yuan/ton, and the F600 quotation of 11000 yuan/ton, The wait-and-see situation is relatively heavy. The plastic recycling granulator reprocesses the waste plastics in daily life into the plastic raw materials required by the enterprise, and the overall transaction is general

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