The hottest PE market offers are mainly PP goods

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PE market offers were sorted out, mainly PP shipments

strong economic data in the United States and geopolitical tensions pushed crude oil futures up sharply, taking advantage of this trend, linear futures opened higher and fluctuated. The PE dollar market atmosphere is general, and the market change is not as sensitive as the RMB market. The quotation changes of merchants are not obvious, and the downstream inquiry atmosphere has not improved much. The market transaction is still lukewarm and the phenomenon of quality loss is hot in June to December. The quotation of LLDPE is USD/ton, the quotation of HDPE film material is USD/ton, and the quotation of LDPE is USD/ton

good news in Europe and the United States and geopolitical factors continued to push up international oil prices, and the crude oil market rose sharply, boosting market confidence. The domestic futures market opened higher and rose significantly. The PP dollar market is still light as usual, and the offer of merchants has basically remained stable. Due to the poor trading atmosphere in the market, the ethylene production plant tentatively reported as high as 000 tons/year will be officially put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2015. There are not many operators, most of which will be shipped at the original price. The sharp rise in crude oil still leads to some buyers' counter-offer, but the offer price is low, and there are not many firm offers. The market price of homopolymerization is USD/ton, and the market price of copolymerization is USD/ton

ps dollar market, problems will occur with the gas guarantee technology and the machine after a long time of use. The atmosphere is general, the offer is large, stable and small, and some small increases. Merchants hold money to wait and see, the inquiry atmosphere is light, and the transaction is weak. Downstream manufacturers take it with them and purchase it on demand

abs US dollar market price has slightly weakened. Today's inquiry atmosphere is weak and the transaction is not good. Weak downstream demand

the sharp rise in crude oil has not caused market shocks, but the recent wide-ranging fluctuations will not have a great impact on the weak market. Mainly due to the lack of substantive benefits, it is difficult to dispel the doubts of businesses, and few dare to receive goods. Most businesses said they were not in love with the war before the festival

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