At the end of the year, pudekang launched a new mo

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At the end of the year, putekang launched a new fountain solution

in the newly completed ManRoland Center (PTC) in Augsburg, Germany, the R & D personnel of printcom putekang printing materials are conducting detailed tests for the printing chemicals of Jinan gold test spring torsion testing machine for newspaper printing and commercial printing. The latest product that has passed the test process and obtained the printcom pudekang printing material quality logo produced by Nanjing Qixiashan fertilizer plant is h119n silicone oil, and a new fountain solution will be available at the end of 2009

in the past 15 years, Manroland printcom pudekang printing material brand has provided customers with high-quality products that meet process standards and are perfectly matched. Prin CNOOC Zhuhai natural gas liquefaction project TCOM pudekang printing materials can ensure the stability of the printing process, so as to ensure the high-performance operation of the printing machine and protect the printing machine components. In the past 12 months alone, printcom putekang printing materials has carried out eight large-scale research projects for web offset printing. Its research and development focus is on printing materials that play a key role in the effect of the printing process, such as blanket, fountain solution and cleaning agent, as well as silicone oil. The overall goal of printcom pudekang printing materials is to improve quality, avoid unnecessary costs (such as waste sheets), extend the service life of products, and reduce the adverse impact of these materials on the environment

in the laboratory of MAN Roland, the purchasing personnel and production management personnel of suppliers, manufacturers and customers use printcom pudekang printing material test program to reproduce the actual production situation

work together to carry out more types of tests. After printc2 and steel ball fall, they may jump out of the box. Attention must be paid to safety. In the printing materials of OM procom, only high-quality brand products that meet the requirements of Fogra Research Association or other official printing inspection institutions can be tested. According to different research projects, a product can accept up to 400 chemical, mechanical and dynamic test projects. Since July, 2009, the testing department and test equipment, including the printing tower of thermosetting web offset printing machine and colorman XXL printing machine, have been included in the newly completed Center (PTC) in Augsburg. Here, all printing processes and printing environments related to production can be reproduced. Not only can Roland's researchers (including chemical engineers, physical engineers, electromechanical engineers, electricians, and printing Engineers) carry out these uncommon, diverse, workflow oriented tests, but also consumable manufacturers and users can take advantage of this unique testing opportunity to develop and study product combinations

new members: after nearly three years of development, h119n silicone oil and new fountain solution have developed a new thermosetting printing fountain solution. The final test version of dp503q is currently being tested in the customer's printing workshop and is expected to be put on the market by the end of 2009. Its characteristic is to reduce the deposition of ink and paper powder on the roller. Therefore, it ensures stable printing quality and reduces the number of cleaning. In addition, it also reduces startup waste, saving time and cost

the new printcom pudekang printing material h 119n silicone oil can be regarded as a model of rapid product development. It has obtained the printcom pudekang printing material quality mark in only 9 months. In production, the coating of H 119n silicone oil on paper is obviously different from that of general silicone oil. This is because this high viscosity silicone oil is specially combined with anionic emulsifier, so that there is no deposition on the plate roller and inking roller, even in the case of heavy color

research and development will never stop. For printcom pudekang printing materials, putting them on the market does not mean that their research and development is completed. All products should be continuously improved according to the feedback of global users. Reports from printing technicians and maintenance personnel who personally experience the production practice on site every day, as well as new market requirements, provide key information for the continuous improvement of products. In case of quality fluctuation, if the manufacturer cannot remedy it in time, the product will no longer be awarded printcom pudekang printing material quality mark

provide excellent equipment and good suggestions from the beginning. In a word, printcom putekang printing materials has a total of 7 product series, including about 300 products, and 30 to 50 new products are added to its product series every year. These products are not all developed by MAN Roland himself: many are developed in cooperation with manufacturers, or are purely by-products, such as cleaning cloth or rubber gloves

however, each product provides clear recommendations for each printer and each application. The specifications of some products may also vary according to regional and national production processes. However, the goal is to provide twoorthree options for each group of products. In this way, customers can not rely on specific manufacturers. In addition, printing technicians provide individual consultation at the site of printing enterprises. Due to the experience and expertise of these technicians, customers can find the products that are most suitable for their applications. In order to ensure that the printing machine can have the best coordination with printing chemicals from the beginning, Manroland has developed a practice tested startup package for commercial printing and peace printing. These sets of products usually include 40 products used in the printing workshop and prepress, such as fountain additives and cleaning agents, to buckets and sponges, which are selected from a large number of products. The best start-up package product specifically for newspaper printing is currently undergoing final preparation

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