The hottest PE market in Asia is shrouded in a bea

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The Asian PE market is shrouded in the atmosphere of short positions

the atmosphere of short positions is shrouded in the whole market, with poor popularity, slow price decline and rare transactions. Sellers believe that with the advent of the off-season demand, prices will fall in the next few weeks. However, some people believe that the prices of LLDPE and HDPE will not fall below $500/ton CFR. It is reported that in order to reduce market pressure, the PE operating rate in South Korea will be reduced by 20% in November. It is also reported that a large cracking unit in the Middle East, which was originally scheduled to be overhauled last week, has been postponed to January 2003; The Middle East HDPE production line also has problems

ldpe CFR CMP USD/ton CFR Southeast Asia USD/ton this situation is not easy. The market is light and the price declines. A seller sells Malaysian goods at a price of 580 US dollars per ton (CFR CMP), but the buyer's price is below 56 US dollars per ton (CFR CMP) that can be loaded in any dynamic mode such as constant force mode and linear incremental mode with the stable use of corresponding software systems, such as electromagnetic loading and hydraulic loading. A Malaysian manufacturer quoted us $610/ton. The quotation of Singapore manufacturer is 640 US dollars/ton, that of South Korea is 620 US dollars/ton (CFR CMP), and that of a Middle East manufacturer is US dollars/ton (CFR CMP). Another manufacturer in the Middle East offered us $580/ton (CFR CMP), and the counter-offer price was US $550/ton (CFR CMP), because there was no opening agent

lldpe CFR CMP USD/ton CFR Southeast Asia USD/ton price fell steadily, and the price was in USD/ton (CFR CMP). The maintenance quotation of SK 149m door and window corner strength testing machine in South Korea is $590/ton (CFR CMP), but the transaction price of Korean goods last week reached $520/ton (CFR CMP), which surprised the market. The quotation of a manufacturer in Singapore in November was USD/ton, and the quotation of Middle East goods was USD 530/ton (CFR CMP). It was reported that the manufacturer's sales intention was USD 525/ton (CFR CMP). The latest quotation of Indian goods has been reduced to 490 US dollars/ton (CFR CMP)

hdpe CFR CMP USD/ton CFR Southeast Asia USD/ton

there are few transactions in the market and the price drops. The transaction price of Korean film material is 560 dollars/ton, and that of wire drawing material is 550 dollars/ton. It is reported that a Chinese trader bought tons at the price of US $560/ton CFR CMP). Several Chinese buyers wanted to buy thousands of tons of Korean film materials at 540 US dollars/ton, but the seller refused. The quotation of Taiwan film material is 560 US dollars/ton (CFR CMP, 60 days), and the quotation of Japanese goods is 550 US dollars/ton (CFR CMP). The quotation of Indian wire drawing material/plastic injection is 525 US dollars/ton (CFR CMP), and it is reported that there are a large number of transactions at the price of 520 US dollars/ton (CFR CMP). The buyer's counter-offer for general film material and wire drawing material is $510/ton (CFR CMP)

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