The hottest PE market today may be dominated by sh

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Today's PE market may be dominated by shock consolidation

international crude oil: bargain hunting to absorb speculative buying, and New York light crude oil futures ended their five-day decline. At the close of trading on Thursday (September 26), the 13-year November futures of light crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose by 103.03 US dollars per barrel. After nearly 10 years of development, the strategic focus of the Department of life sciences rose by 0.37 US dollars. London Intercontinental Exchange Brent November 13 futures rose $0.89 to $109.21 a barrel

demand: the current polyethylene market is still in the peak demand season, and end users have rigid demand for raw materials. Now medium and large downstream plants have started production according to orders, and the unit load is about 70%. Small downstream plants are not very motivated to start work due to improper orders and raw material prices, so they are more wait-and-see

market analysis predicts that the current market decline has slowed down, and even some regions have stopped falling. North China maintains a weak consolidation posture, East China has a slightly higher report, and South China will become a perfect choice to control the distribution of gas and liquid flow. Driven by the rise in petrochemical prices, the high-pressure linear offer has increased significantly, and the supply of some markets is slightly tight, coupled with the approaching National Day holiday, The enthusiasm of end users for stocking goods has increased, but at the end of the month, petrochemicals will introduce new prices for next month. People on the floor pay more attention to petrochemical policies, and the PE market before the festival may be dominated by shock consolidation

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