The hottest PE market is mainly on the sidelines,

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PE market is mainly a wait-and-see market, and there are few transactions in PP market

the market's worries about Cyprus' deposit tax have been alleviated, and the international oil price rebounded sharply over the weekend. The trend of LLDPE futures in the domestic market was poor. After opening high, it fluctuated downward, and after closing a small dive, the decline widened. The mainstream offer of PE dollar market remained basically stable, and the price did not change much from last weekend. At present, the confidence of the seller is still relatively sufficient, and the intention to support the price is clear, and there is no sign of price reduction for the time being. Market inquiry is not active, mainly a small number of traders looking for goods. The terminal demand is still not obvious, there is no great intention to prepare goods, and the overall firm offer transaction is general

last Friday, US stocks rose and Serbia's problems may be solved. Crude oil phase 2. Resin synthesis process and foam preparation stopped falling and rebounded. Linear futures jump high, but lack of action. PP the U.S. dollar market fluctuated in a narrow range. After the rise of domestic petrochemical last week, the market has stabilized significantly, the supply of low-priced goods in the U.S. dollar market has decreased, and the low-priced selling phenomenon of merchants in the early stage has disappeared. It has turned to a firm quotation, waiting for the firm offer. Most of the quotations in the homogeneous market are in US dollars/ton. The US dollar quotation is not much, and most of them are Indian sources. The copolymerization market has not changed much, and the quotation is USD/ton

the recent news that guides and affects the market is still based on Petrochemical factors, which has opened the prelude to the development of resin and plastic processing industry without any adjustable devices in the whole system. The range of petrochemical price adjustment is not large, and the market is difficult to get an active atmosphere. Naturally, the market is relatively deadlocked, and the process of transaction is slow. It is expected that by the end of the month, PetroChina will successively realize the development and finalization of more than 10 super thick forgings with more than 20 specifications for operation. We will wait and see the economic data at home and abroad and the downstream demand before making arrangements

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