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Regulations on the arrangement and withdrawal of China International all Print Exhibition 2006

II Precautions for exhibition arrangement: A. exhibitors and builders should complete the entry and removal of the exhibition hall within the specified time (8:30 ~ 17:30) of the exhibition hall, and the exhibition hall will charge overtime pay for delayed work

b specific gravity: 1.05g/cm In order to avoid the exhibitors' vehicles competing to enter the exhibition hall first, resulting in road congestion and chaos, the organizer will arrange the time sequence table of entering the exhibition hall 40 days before the exhibition. Exhibitors are requested to prepare for entering the exhibition hall according to the notified time

c. all kinds of vehicles turn from Fangdian intersection of Longyang Road to enter the specified exhibition hall. If foreign transport vehicles enter the exhibition hall from the direction of Xupu Bridge of Shanghai Outer Ring Road, they do not need to apply for a Shanghai entry permit. (see traffic diagram)

d. please bring your own tools for disassembling the box

e. exhibitors are invited to wear the exhibition arrangement card (the organizer will mail it to the exhibitors 15 days before entering the Museum)

III. precautions for removal:

a. overtime pay will be charged for delayed work

b. the power was cut off at 16:30 on June 17, 2006, all rented items were returned, and the standard exhibition frame was disassembled. Exhibitors and light goods who do not use transportation tools should leave the venue first

c. for exhibitors who use transportation means, the organizer will work with the transportation agent to formulate a time sequence table for the removal of the exhibition hall, so as to ensure that the removal of the exhibition hall is carried out on time, safely and orderly

d. exhibitors must go to the organizer's on-site office to get a ticket before leaving the hall

e. exhibitors are requested to wear the withdrawal card (the host cost pressure directly affects the power battery unit to mail to the exhibitors 15 days before entering the exhibition hall)

Shanghai New International Expo Center (traffic diagram)

bus route

bridge line 5: Fudan University Zhangjiang High Tech

Shenjiang line: Changyi road sifan community

Fangchuan special line: fangxie Road Pudong International Airport

bridge line 6: Shanghai Jiaotong University Zhangjiang High Tech

airport line 3: Renaissance Yangtze Hotel Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Road 938: Lujiazui Shanghai New International Expo Center

subway line

Metro Line 1: Xinzhuang - Shanghai railway station

Metro Line 2: Zhongshan Park Zhangjiang High Tech

Pearl Line: Shanghai South Railway Station - which is better, Jiang single column tensile testing machine or double column tensile testing machine? Wan Town

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