Regulations on the management of employees of Long

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Regulations on the management of employees of Longfei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

regulations on the management of employees of Longfei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1

in order to safeguard the legitimate rights of the company and employees, establish and improve the company's rules and regulations, and standardize management, these Regulations are hereby formulated in accordance with the labor law of the people's Republic of China and the relevant laws and regulations of the state and local governments

Article 2 this regulation applies to all departments, subordinate units, subsidiaries and employed employees of the company, and shall be implemented in accordance with this regulation

Article 3 all employees of the company from the general manager down are called employees of the company

Article 4

the employment, probation, check-in, position, appointment, removal, transfer, dismissal, service, turnover, leave, business trip, duty, assessment, rewards and punishments, treatment, welfare, retirement, pension and other matters of the company's employees shall be handled in accordance with these regulations, except for the relevant national regulations

Chapter II Establishment and termination of employee labor relations

Article 5 the company implements the employment system. The company and employees establish the labor relationship between the company and employees by signing labor contracts with an increase of 38.5%, and clarify the rights and obligations of both parties

Article 6 the conclusion and modification of labor contracts shall follow the principles of equality, voluntariness and consensus through consultation, and shall not violate the provisions of laws and administrative regulations. Labor contracts concluded according to law are legally binding

Article 7

the company adopts the method of public recruitment. According to the needs of the job, good morality, professional counterparts, good health, and impact of the career, it refers to the standards of clear instantaneous load history, skilled business, and rich experience of the structural system. By 2020, the personal modified plastic industry will achieve a total output value of 5billion yuan, and the principle of knowledge, ability, and experience can be suitable for the recruitment post (but this is not limited to special needs), After written examination and interview, all kinds of personnel and other temporary workers who meet the standards are recruited on a merit basis

Article 8

when the company needs to establish new departments or increase personnel in each department due to business development, the human resources management department of the company shall make an overall plan and submit the standards. After the approval of the business leader in charge of the company and the approval of the general manager, the human resources Management Department of the company shall handle the recruitment of personnel

Article 9 probation period:


new employees should be employed after passing the probation. The probation period is three months (it can be extended under special circumstances, and the probation period is not more than six months at the most). Only those who pass the probation period can be employed as regular employees

II. Employees with poor conduct and ability during the probation period are not suitable for workers, and they can stop using it at any time.

III. when new employees check in, they must go through the check-in procedures:

1. Fill in the required forms and resumes; 2. Provide copies and photos of my household register (or ID card); 3. Academic certificate; 4. Experience certificate (hospital above county level)

you can take the post only after the formalities are complete

4. The company has the right to choose to terminate probation, change positions or formal employment according to the assessment and actual specific conditions of new employees

Article 10 after passing the probation, the new employee shall enter into a labor contract, employment contract or temporary contract with the company

Article 11 candidates shall not be employed under any of the following circumstances

1. Those who have criminal punishment records or are wanted but have not been closed

2. Those who have been punished for embezzling public funds

3, patients with psychosis or infectious diseases

4. Those who were removed from the original unit due to bad conduct

5. Physical examination, which is considered unsuitable by the company

6. Minors under the age of 16

Article 12

after receiving the formal employment notice, the newly recruited employee whose registered permanent residence is in this city must complete the transfer procedures by the original unit within one month, and transfer the personnel relationship to the company (the unemployed person shall report to the company's human resources management department and handle the procedures with his/her unemployment certificate). The time limit for the registered permanent residence in other provinces and cities is two months

new employees who cannot transfer their personnel relations to the company within the specified time limit are deemed to be unable to work in the company, and the company has the right to terminate the labor contract (except for special circumstances, which are approved by the general manager)

Article 13 when the labor contract expires or the agreed conditions for termination of the labor contract occur, the labor contract shall be terminated

Article 14 the labor contract can be terminated after the parties to the labor contract reach an agreement through consultation

Article 15 the company may terminate the labor contract under any of the following circumstances:

1. It is proved that it does not meet the employment conditions during the probation period

II. Serious violation of labor discipline or company rules and regulations

III. serious dereliction of duty and malpractice, causing heavy losses to the interests of the company

4. Being investigated for criminal responsibility according to law

v. others that endanger the interests of the company and are removed from the list

Article 16 in one of the following circumstances, the company may terminate the labor contract, but shall notify the employee in writing 30 days in advance:

1. The employee is sick or injured not due to work, and after the expiration of the medical treatment period, he is unable to engage in the original work or the work arranged by the company

II. The employee is not competent for the job, and is still incompetent after training or job adjustment


the objective situation on which the labor contract was concluded has changed significantly, so that the original labor contract cannot be performed, and the company cannot reach an agreement on changing the labor contract through consultation with the employees

Article 17 If an employee resigns, he/she must terminate the labor contract. He/she should apply to the company for approval in writing 30 days in advance. He/she shall not leave the company before being approved. Those who leave the company without permission will be punished as absenteeism

the resigned employee must complete the resignation procedures according to the company's regulations before leaving; Otherwise, the company has the right to investigate its laws

Chapter III Determination and transfer of jobs

Article 18 the company establishes or cancels jobs according to the requirements of work and business development and the provisions and procedures of the articles of association

Article 19 the company's jobs are generally divided into senior management positions, middle management positions and ordinary jobs

senior management position refers to the position of senior managers who can enjoy the treatment equivalent to or above the treatment of deputy general manager

middle management positions refer to the positions of heads of departments and units directly under the company, or middle managers at all levels who enjoy equivalent positions

ordinary jobs refer to the jobs of employees in departments and units directly under the company

Article 20 the appointment and removal of all positions shall be approved by the board of directors in accordance with the articles of association, and the positions above the middle management position shall be assessed by the company's department in charge of human resources according to the procedures, and then submitted to the general manager for approval; Ordinary jobs are held by the heads of departments and units

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