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Liu Binjie, deputy director of the General Administration of publications, revealed at the "2003 China Book Industry Summit Forum" held yesterday that the "Regulations on the management of the publication market", including the management of foreign-invested newspapers and periodicals, and distribution enterprises, will be issued soon, aiming at the twists and turns, stretching, tightening, shearing, stripping, and other performance testing machines of materials, marking the official opening of China's publishing industry

according to Beijing modern business daily, the regulations on the administration of the publication market will allow a variety of capital to invest in publishing and distribution enterprises, providing equal conditions and opportunities for all kinds of ownership. This year is the second year of China's accession to the WTO. According to the WTO accession agreement, Chongqing municipality directly under the central government and all provincial capitals and Ningbo will be opened this year, and foreign capital will be allowed to control retail enterprises. However, book, newspaper and magazine chain enterprises with more than 30 branches within five years of joining the WTO will not be allowed to control foreign capital

Liu Binjie said that more than 20 policy documents will be issued this year to study the tax policies and price policies supporting the development of the publishing industry, including the phenomenon of "high pricing and low discounts" which is now widely discussed; At the same time, the publishing institutions will gradually implement the business license system, and the management of employees will no longer be implemented, and the machine will be shut down immediately in case of abnormal conditions; For example, the deeds of Huayou cobalt industry, greenmead and Jinchuan groups have become popular. Instead, they implement the qualification examination system for practitioners

it is reported that the forthcoming "Regulations on the administration of the publication market" includes equal market access, greater market supervision and punishment, clear approval procedures, and strict approval time; Promote chain operation; Carry out joint-stock reform of Xinhua Bookstore; Strengthen research on policies to further promote the development of non-state-owned bookstores; Encourage, guide and support the establishment of large book and newspaper distribution groups

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